Curriculum Overview: Phase One - KS3

At Trinity Academy St Edward’s our curriculum is broad and balanced to meet the needs of all our children. We have a STEM specialism that runs alongside the normal curriculum that aims to give our children an experience of the wealth of opportunities available in science, technology, engineering and maths. Trips, experiences and company links will broaden their horizons and help to raise aspirations of what can be achieved.

We deliver a knowledge-rich curriculum. We believe this is what will support our children’s development in school and prepare them for their exams and for the next steps in their lives. We believe in developing their resilience and driving a culture of hard work and ambition. Teaching and learning is the core business and what every teacher is empowered to deliver. We do not base our pedagogy on gimmicks or fancy ideas, it is rooted in research-based evidence and what makes the most impact on our children.

Trinity Scholars

Trinity Scholar students benefit from an additional investment of up to £6000

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