Home Learning

Students are expected to complete daily home study in order to develop good study habits, deepen their core knowledge and enhance recall skills.  We expect that every night students read for 30 minutes, learn new knowledge from the weekly section in their Knowledge Organiser and complete their maths Sparx.   At the start of every lesson they will be asked to recall this information and will complete a ‘Masters of Recall Big Quiz’ at the end of each term.

We ask parents/carers to join in with their child’s home study by listening to them read and testing them on the knowledge from their knowledge organiser.   We know this type of home study will boost their ability to read and write and will boost their long-term memory and understanding of key knowledge.


1) Spellings

Learn the 5 weekly spellings. These are linked to the Y7 curriculum and will be recalled in their English lesson.

2) Reading for pleasure

Read for pleasure every day.  This will contribute to ‘A Billion Words’ and Quantum Leap.

3) Sparx Maths

Sparx ensures students cover the essential building blocks needed to make progress in maths and provides an opportunity to consolidate student learning. Practice is a huge part of Mathematics. It significantly supports students to embed knowledge in their long-term memory, as well as building confidence and fluency.

Research (sparx.co.uk/evidence) has shown that an average of just 15 minutes a week of personalised maths home learning leads to clear progress by 83% of students.

Sparx provides a highly personalised weekly homework to students, tailored to their attainment level and working speed. Your child’s homework will be set on Mondays and due the following Monday by 7am each week.

4) Creative project

Creative STEM project led by Mr Dyer.

Masters of Recall

Students learn the weekly knowledge in their knowledge organiser using the self-quizzing process of look, cover, write, check, correct. This is completed in their yellow recall book. They must then answer the recall questions in their knowledge organiser, from memory.  If they cannot answer the questions, then they need to go back and learn the knowledge again. Family and friends can support at home by quizzing and questioning. Termly knowledge organisers can be found on the TASE website.

Yellow recall books and knowledge organiser questions will be checked every Monday morning in form time. All subjects must to be completed in full each week.

At the end of each term, students complete a ‘Masters of Recall Big Quiz’.

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