Curriculum Overview

Pupils have a 25-hour week and will study maths, English, science, French, geography, history, RS, drama, art, music, technology, computing and PE. The STEM specialism will be immersed in each subject as well as through extracurricular events and experiences. The curriculum will focus consistently on the development of core skills within literacy and numeracy to enable our children to become confident and skilled learners. This curriculum will build on knowledge gained in primary schools and children will be taught different ideas, concepts and skills. This knowledge will strengthen their understanding, allowing them to flourish and be confident, successful learners.

Year 7 Lessons Year 8 Lessons Year 9 Lessons
English 4 5 5
Maths 5 4 5
Science 3 3 3
History 2 2 1
Geography 2 1 2
Religious Studies 1 1 1
PE 2 2 2
French 2 2 2
DT/Art/Music/Computing 3 3 3
PSHE 1 1 1

Diverse literature

At Trinity Academy St Edward’s, our aim is to expose students to a wide range of diverse writers across the curriculum. Diverse literature is a key tool to help to build a student’s social and emotional development by encouraging empathy, positive self-esteem, and building healthy relationships. Research shows that students who read diversely will more likely be accepting of those that are different from them; a core British value. Here is an overview of the diversity offered through prose, verse, play and poetry at TASE.

Trinity Scholars

Trinity Scholar students benefit from an additional investment of up to £6000

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