Admissions & Prospectus

Trinity Academy St Edward’s has an inclusive admissions policy, based on the Department for Education’s model. Trinity Academy St Edward’s will have a Church of England designation and provide an excellent education for all which is rooted in Christian values. It will, however, be fully inclusive and non-selective, welcoming pupils of all abilities, faiths or no faith and from all backgrounds who live locally. This reflects the Trust’s commitment to inclusiveness, serving the local community by providing a rich, inspiring and respectful education for all in a nurturing environment to reflect our Christian values. Although, this engaging environment is in no way restricted to those of faith.

Our current secondary academies Trinity Academy Halifax, Trinity Academy GrammarTrinity Academy Cathedral, Trinity Academy Bradford and Trinity Academy Leeds have very similar admissions, while the cohorts attending are very diverse and inclusive. This is the same at Trinity Academy St Edward’s.

All applications must go through the Barnsley LA Admissions Process.

Fair Banding Assessment

Trinity Academy St Edward’s receives a high volume of applicants; although we would like to offer a place to every child who wants to come here, that sadly isn’t possible. We admit a set number of students per year into Year 7 and these places are awarded strictly in line with the terms of our Admissions policy (including our oversubscription criteria). This can be accessed here.

Parents should register their child for the Fair Banding Assessment even if Trinity Academy St Edward’s is your second or third choice of school.  This is in case you do not get your first choice of school and would still like to be considered for a place with us.

Registration details and a link to register your child for the Fair Banding assessment will be available from 20 June 2023.

Fair Banding - How it Works

Trinity Scholars

Trinity Scholar students benefit from an additional investment of up to £6000

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