Christian Ethos and Values

Why are our Christian values so important?

Our values of Empathy, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility run through all aspects of academy life. Although our Admissions Policy highlights how we welcome students of all faiths and none, these values relate to everyone, regardless of faith or background. They are values that will support students throughout life and our celebration of the importance of these on a daily basis is what makes the academy unique.

Our Church School vision enables staff and students to stay focused and achieve incredible things within our Christian environment.

Our academy provides opportunities and overcomes barriers in order to change lives. We provide quality first teaching to ensure that all students flourish and fulfil their potential, thus opening doors to their future. We are a Christian community and promote the values of Empathy, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility, which are at the heart of everything we do. We want our students to leave us prepared for adulthood with Christian values instilled within them and following the teaching of ‘whatever you do, work at it with all your heart’. Our students will be resilient, outstanding members of the community and will learn from the best.

An academy where ALL are respected and valued

We are a courageous, resilient and positive community rooted in hope, aspiration and excellence. Together, we enable each other to be the best we can be.

“The one who gets wisdom loves life; the one who cherishes understanding will soon prosper.” Proverbs 19:8 

The impact of our vision, rooted in Christian values ensures that:
  • Our students develop character and have strong moral values, allowing them to play an active and positive role in their communities.
  • Our students lead successful lives through developing crucial knowledge and skills.
  • Achievements are celebrated and young people are encouraged to work hard to fulfil potential, overcoming obstacles, regardless of background or circumstance.
  • Our students achieve academic success and have amazing experiences.
  • Our vision is supported by our four trust-wide values in our day-to-day practice.

We understand the importance of empathy. If we are to truly be an inclusive community where we care for one another, we must understand the challenges we face. We show an understanding of emotion and why certain emotions may be shown; we then work together to help our community overcome any barriers they face.

We live out our vision and show empathy every day by:
• Understanding we make mistakes, and that forgiveness is an important Christian behaviour.
• Understanding that all of our community face difficulties and challenges and support one another.
• Showing understanding, compassion, love, and care for one another, especially in difficult times.
• Understanding different cultures, religions and beliefs.

We are honest about our actions and aspirational for ourselves and others. We are not perfect, and we will make mistakes from time to time. We own to these; we are honest about our actions and then we learn from them. If we are to be trusted and given responsibility, then we must be honest in our actions and behaviours.

We live out our vision and show honesty every day by:
• Understanding the importance of telling the truth.
• Having the courage to own up to mistakes and realise we made an error.
• Learning from our mistakes and changing the way we behave.
• Understanding that lying is deceitful and will cause harm and upset.
• Understanding that honesty develops trust, and we all have to trust one another.

Respect is an integral part of our vision and behaviour. We respect each other’s views and ways of life. We welcome, celebrate, and embrace diversity and respect the differences we have, but also our individuality. We respect the adults in the academy. Rules are made to keep us safe, to help everyone to learn, and to keep our academy a purposeful and enjoyable place to be. Respect is paramount in the classroom; we respect each other’s views when answering questions, and students respect the wishes of adults and follow our classroom rule system. We also respect our building and our environment, not only at our site but also in our community too.

We live out our vision and show respect on a daily basis by:
• Understanding and demonstrating our absolutes.
• Following the Behaviour for Learning Policy.
• Learning through assemblies and readings.
• The language that students use with staff and vice versa.
• Positive relationships and being role models for one another.
• Student leaders.
• Accepting and celebrating diversity.

At Trinity Academy St Edward’s, we are all responsible for the way we act. We are responsible for how we learn and the way we try to be the best we can be. A responsible learner will succeed, and a responsible member of the community will be well respected.

We live out our vision through responsible roles in:

  • Community work – supporting charities, local groups, clean-up projects, being courageous advocates for change.
  • Social media – celebrating success.
  • Leaders – students speaking at community events.
  • Our House system – House captains and reps, charity leads.
  • Student voice groups.
  • School council.

The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders, Matthew 7:24-29

Jesus told a parable about two men who each decided to build a house. The two
men went out looking for the perfect place to build the house.

The first man was very wise. He thought carefully about the kind of house he wanted
to build. He wanted a house that was strong. If a strong wind or heavy rains came
he did not want his house to break up or wash away. This wise man knew that the
most important part of a house is the foundation. The foundation is the first thing that
is built. It is the bottom of the house. The foundation has to be sturdy and strong to
make the house sturdy and strong.

The wise man looked everywhere and then he found the perfect place. He found a huge
flat rock. The rock could be the foundation for the house. The wise man dug around
and chipped the rock until it was the perfect size for his house. Then he built his
house on the rock.

After he was finished he lived in the house. Many times storms came to his house. The
winds blew and the rains came but the wise man sat comfortably in his house. He
did not worry about the storms because he had built his house on a rock.

In Jesus’ parable he told of the other man that built a house. This man was foolish.
He did not think carefully about the kind of house he should build. He just found a
nice flat place and started building. He built his house on sand. The foundation kept
slipping and sliding in the sand but the foolish man did not care. He just wanted to
build a house.

When the foolish man finished his house, he moved in. Guess what happened when
the first storm came? The winds blew and the rains came down and the foolish
man’s house fell apart. It fell apart because it did not have a strong foundation.

After Jesus told the parable, he explained to the people what the parable really
meant. He said that the wise man was like someone who listened to Jesus’
instructions and then followed the instructions. Jesus’ instructions are always right.
When a person builds his life on Jesus’ words he is building a strong foundation. He
will be strong inside.

The foolish man in the parable was like someone who listened to Jesus’ instructions
but then did not follow them. A person that does not build his life on Jesus’ words will
not have a strong foundation. He will be weak inside.

The people were amazed at the parable that Jesus taught. They were happy that
he made things very easy to understand. His parable helped them want to listen to
more things that Jesus had to say. The parable also made them want to follow Jesus’

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