Subject Co-ordinator for Arts and Technology | Mr Chris Dyer

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Subject Co-ordinator for Arts and Technology | Mr Chris Dyer

As we start recruiting our Dream Team of teachers and support staff to TAB, I will be asking each of them to introduce themselves and to tell you a little bit about their background and interests. Only the most dedicated, hardworking, and talented individuals will be hired at our school. Very soon they will be familiar faces to you around our brand-new building.

We have recently appointed a Subject Co-ordinator for Arts and Technology, Mr Chris Dyer. Chris brings a wealth of experience and an outstanding track record from one of our Trust schools and he will make an excellent addition to the team.

I am enormously excited to be starting my new role as Subject Co-ordinator for Arts and Technology, within our new academy at Barnsley. I have over 20 years of experience working within Art, Design and Technology and I love my subject and the creative nature of it. STEM is at the heart of everything we will be doing at Trinity Academy St Edward’s and I am a passionate advocate of art and technology, both within & outside the classroom. I strongly believe that all pupils should be given the opportunity to explore and grow within an action-packed technology curriculum, and that the visual arts are a powerful force to inspire and raise achievement amongst all students. Your child can look forward to a forward thinking and extra-curricular program of activities in their time at Trinity Academy St Edward’s. My team and I will plan to expose your child to the wonderful world of Art and technology and the fantastic opportunities these subjects create in Post 16 Education & university level establishments. I look forward to meeting you all in September.

Best wishes,
Chris Dyer

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