School location

The ideal location for Trinity Academy St Edward’s has been discussed by the Trinity MAT, Department for Education and the local authority.

The proposed site for the new school is on Keresforth Close, off Broadway in Barnsley. The trust have been working with the Department for Education who lead on the identification of suitable school sites and acquiring the land for such projects. As with any area there are only a small number of possibilities that are readily available for purchase and can accommodate such a project. The project will be subject to the normal planning application regulations and through this process access to site, traffic management and environment will all be carefully considered through a green travel plan. All buildings will be government-funded and local traffic management will be an important part of our considerations.

Wherever the final location might be, the need for a new secondary school in Barnsley is prevalent. Due to the increased population in Barnsley, particularly in young people of school age, there is a shortage of secondary school places which will last for the foreseeable future. The latest school capacity data was published in March 2020 and this shows clearly the lack of places and the need for a new secondary school in the Barnsley area. Our aim is to offer young people the provision of a first class, exciting alternative option for their education.

Barnsley urgently needs and deserves a new, high-achieving and aspirational secondary school to serve its children and communities.

Trinity MAT is proud to have transformed the life chances of thousands of pupils across its six existing academies, and we are equipped and eager to do the same for those in Barnsley.

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