Trinity Academy St Edward's... Be Part of It!


Trinity Academy St Edward’s has an inclusive admissions policy, based on the Department for Education’s model, also supported by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council. Trinity Academy St Edward’s will have a Church of England designation and provide an excellent education for all which is rooted in Christian values. It will however, be fully inclusive and non-selective, welcoming pupils of all abilities, all faiths and no faith and from all backgrounds who live locally. This reflects the Trust’s commitment to inclusiveness, serving the local community and providing a rich, inspiring and respectful education for all in a nurturing environment which reflects Christian values but is in no way restricted to those of faith.

Two of our current secondary academies Trinity Academy Halifax and Trinity Academy Cathedral in Wakefield have very similar admissions and the cohorts attending are very diverse and inclusive. This will be the same at Trinity Academy St Edward’s. The policy, detailing how people can apply and how places will be allocated in the event of oversubscription can be downloaded below.

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